Australia / NZ

Case Studies

Indoor Timber

National Rollout of New Supplier for Indoor Timber

In mid-2015, G-Force Assembly was tasked with rolling out a new supplier into Bunnings’ indoor timber and cut moldings category in New Zealand. The transition meant performing a full relay in all stores with the dedicated range and set them up for a sell-through process of the equivalent range for the new supplier.

National Implementation of Bedford Modular Storage

In the second quarter of 2013, G-Force’s Assembly Division was to complete the changeover of a completely new range of flat packed modular wardrobe storage products and their displays on behalf of the Bedford Group.

National Implementation of New Lighting Standards

In the final quarter of 2013, G-Force’s Assembly Division took on a task too big for most other merchandising companies: the national implementation of new layout standards across 4 categories concurrently.