Data Analytics


Our Approach

When We Partner, We Roll Up Our Sleeves and Deliver
  • Real Time Report Sharing
  • Data on Every Product
  • All Available on Hand in Store, Every Call
  • Off-Location Tracking
  • Live Access to All Photos and Data by Task, State, Store


What We Can Do For You

We can integrate data from all parts of your organization to produce consolidated reports that clearly pinpoint strengths and opportunities as measured from a variety of sources. The goal is to uncover which tangible elements of your customers’ experiences are most significantly driving their delight and satisfaction or identify any opportunity for improvement.



The accounts team analyses monthly reports for your brand, 

providing a monthly summary report directly to the account manager.


✔ Monthly KPI Overview

✔ Monthly Meetings to discuss opportunities

✔ DIFOT analysis available on request

✔ Min/Max reports analysed for opportunities and mass upload requests

✔ Safety Net Ordering support as needed

✔ Quarterly report produced internally for State Managers

✔ Red Light report identifies any dip in rep VOP performance which is then investigated by State Managers

✔ Analysed for additional ranging opportunities